About Us


About Us

The Family Mentors is a non-for-profit organisation whose primary focus is to provide pro-active support for The Family Unit.

Our believe is that, if the society can get the Family system right, then we shall have a better society and unsocial behaviour steming out of frustrated circunstances that was caused by bad relationship between parents and children, or between husband and wife, and other family dynamic concerns.

We believe that the society has not done enough to ameliorate this menace that has disguised itself as a ‘social change’, but instead has messed up Marriages, Relationships and Parenting.

We believe that we can not fix everybody’s problem, but we endeavour to educate and retrain people from the grassroot level; on the need to promote and  encourage a functional family. We spent alot of resources by way of meetings, workshop and conferences in the last few years and we have seen tremendeous result within those few families, this will increase in coming years.

This project was commissioned and Pioneered by the Gideon international Ministries, Ireland in 2009, and it has since then spread from Dublin, to other states and other countries.

Pastor Ola & Sister Kemi Olagesin, had this passion to create a moral balance and an healthy relationship within the family unit, this passion, turned into this vision we have today as The Family Mentors’.

Thanks to those men and Women who believed in this vision and supported it with all their heart and worked tirelessly to make sure it succeeded.


Our memebership is open to the public, single, married or divorced. We try to create a balance on the faith platform, by making sure we stick to the Christian value system as far as Relationship, Marriage and positive Parenting is concern.
New members can register online, or by filling out an application form through the registration link in the home page.






Pastor Ola & Sister Kemi are happily married with years of personal experience to share and mentor with.


We celebrate the social changes that globally sweeps across our continents but we believe that people should be taught how to manage this changes!, we are sure that many of us must have wondered, why there are more dysfunctional homes today, abuse is increasing, marriages is breaking per seconds, children are been neglected, just to name but a few.











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