There are different kinds of abuses that people surfer in marriages or in relationships. Some are physical, others are psychological, emotional, or verbal.(although there are other minor categories). Many women in particular have suffered in many ways in their homes and marriages for several reasons.

Sometime it could be the other way round too. But it becomes more painful when there seems to be nobody who can understand your circumstances even if you try to explain , It’s even more painful when you do not have a clue as to  what exactly you are to do under such circumstances, although many run to families, friends , counseling or advice clinics for help but in most cases it seems like it’s not working as much as it should.

There are pre and post prevention approach. The pre-prevention approach helps to avoid crises or if at all, manage issue within a matured manner before it escalates. This is the core objective, amongst other things that Family Mentors stands for. 

In a marriage setting, most likely the parties involved would have gone through pre-marriage counseling with families, friends, marriage counselors, religious authorities or other means, that’s fine. However the situation changes, when the marriage starts to face challenges of different dimension, Family Mentorship is the answer. Its not uncommon that two different people from different background, orientation and personality are sharing an experience, relationship or marriage together, i believe they need someone who will navigate them through the tides and turbulence that confront their Relationship or Marriage. When this is not in place, they act out of order and this leads to abuse. Problem with abuse is better prevented or controlled before it escalates than; ‘a medicine after death approach’.

FAMILY MENTORS  |  A friend in time of needs..  HELP LINE : +353.1.899.178.5

We engage well trained and experience Marriage  & Relationship advisers who take special interest as a case worker, mentoring and mediating within a particular family or partners in relationship.

MARRIAGE |  Assumptions, lack of maturity, understanding, poor communication, lack of respect for each other, weak character issues  on both parties in a relationship are some of the internal agent to marital  problem, however the  external agents  ranges from A — Z, hence sometime, while our adviser would have loved to tell you specifically how long they can tidy up messes in Marriages or Relation and Children  or Parental issues, sometimes each situation might be difference, therefore  shall be treated on individual basis .

We are a voluntary group that believes in a healthy family environment.


RELATIONSHIP |  In relationships, both parties tries to explore  each other’s potentials, vulnerabilities, and sometimes get carried away with the juice of  loving each other without taking cognizance of vital issues. Do I really & honestly know my partner?, Do I really & honestly think this is what I want as supposed to this is what’s available?.

Anyway if you have got yourself into any decision without considering some of these questions, it’s still ok, you need the Family Mentors to help you re-position yourselves, but you must be sincere and honest to yourself first!.

For the singles, we have a one to one Relationship Clinic that can help  stabilize and create an healthy  relationship for you.

PARENTING |  Proper parenting skill is essential in this age and time. Parenting formular has got to be updated with different laws  and policy changing sporadically, parents cannot do their parenting business again the same way the last generations did. Anytime a mother gives birth to a child she assumes she knows how to be a parent, subject to her (or his as the case may be) own understanding, belief and opinion.

That cannot happen again; either we like it or not. But there is a big question in the air?, are the laws and reforms  properly explained to mothers?! Or parents as the case maybe?, for example, some migrant parents need to clarify what constitute an abuse in the European perspective?. Parents face challenges that span from finances, cultural values, religion and many more. All these factors have a way of putting pressure on our homes/family dynamics.  Press says,  ‘Parents are abusing their children, neglecting them at home to rush for work, and many more of such situation daily. Many of such children are now in foster homes or with social services supervision while the parents are living in depression, as it’s the desire of every parent to raise their own children by themselves.. In this situation who do we blame?! But, knowledge is the key factor here, once again; the Family Mentor can help you!

We are happy to work with you and stand by you all the way.

Also we are looking for more volunteers, more families to be part of our team. We offer training in some areas, so why don’t you call us: +35314264682

Mail us:   wisefamily@familylifementors.net

Training we provide:

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