Emotional Abuse

Should I divorce a woman that’s cheating on me?!

To start with, i must let you know that God doesn’t like divorce in anyway. Well Jesus said, divorce is not allowed except on the condition that your wife or husband has been confirmed to have committed adultery.. However, things do happen, and we can advise on few options..

First, you can find out if it’s true and why?. There are several reasons why things happen, we must be objective, non judgmental and sincere while seeking to know why?

The option of forgiven her is welcome in my own opinion, even though it’s tuff and painful, but this would be my own opinion, although 65% of the men we surveyed on this issue, said they would forgive too.! But it’s entirely up to yourself what you want to do, this is just a guide.

If you divorce her because of adultery, what assurance do you have that  the new woman in your life would not do same, or is not already doing it. Adultery is sinful, but it’s not more dangerous than deceit, lack of trust, abuse, etc. They are all bad enough, but it can be managed. From our record 57% of the divorcees (based on adultery issue) that  we interviewed shows us that if they had a chance to reverse their decisions they would be glad, they will forgive and stay in their marriages.

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