Mental Abuse

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When we talk about abuse, the first thing that strikes a chord in people’s mind, is assault, battery, man abusing their wives, or wives beating up their husbands. But the perspective I will like to explore is what the press, multimedia, social media and most painfully; what the women had done to themselves, how they have weakened their psych.

Does anyone want to try to answer this question; Why do women allow their naked bodies to fly in every media available today, in social media and electronic media?

Before, men have to do abit of work to see beneath the dresses of most women, no man can boast of seeing my mother’s breast in their generation, except after my father had paid her dowries but today, it’s entirely different.

Our women probably have messed up their own minds or ‘new generation-society’ has influenced a void in our moral value, devalued mindset, lack of moral responsibility, and shameful outlook.

 Men are taking this issue more serious than any woman would imagine!, Men, entertain themselves with challenges of trying to uncover the women, sometime we (the men) take a bet between themselves in some of our important gossiping meeting ( I hope women must have realised that men only talk about three things in life: Women, Money and Himself). So this issue always comes up.

Think about this for a moment: those women who publicly open their bodies with revealing clothes, have they ever imagines why with all these, you would have expected this ‘storm’ to attract men to you. But have you noticed it only attract ‘tourist’, men who come and play, watch you or buy whatever you might be parading. Ladies get this fact very clear!, any man that get’s attracted to you because of what you wear, halve naked rags, will never take you serious. You are just a common product that everybody can access. This automatically devalues you. No good man will take you serious.

When will women rise up against this feminine abuse?. How come 90% adverts have to show our daughter and wives naked?. Why is everybody ignoring this?, where is our government? and where is the church?, how come this generation has been allowed to decay at this level and our moral values is evaporating daily?

Again think for a moment; if you were a man, (all things being equal), will you prefer to marry a cover page girl, or a lap dancer or a morally disciplined lady?

I am not saying that modelling is bad, all I am asking is, is it ok then for your children to model?, is it ok for them then to go half nude?, some 50year ago, there were advertisement for various products without exposing women’s/ladies bodies, so what is going on now?!. Listen women, men enjoy what they see though, however it devalues you in their heart. ‘Things that are scarce always have better value’.



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