Divorce & Divorcees

 Divorce happens when marriages becomes irredeemable, due to break down in communication and other negative factors.

Whether we are believers or not, non of us is immune to marital crises. When this crises escalates to such a magnitude that it become unmanageable, then the couple are splited up in the court of law.

This is different from marital separation, whereby the parties involved decide to live apart for some reasons until they are able to resolve their personal dispute before they  proceed to court for legal separation and divorce.

Statistics have shown that 67% of divorces are abuse based, while 14% is caused by communication breakdown, 9% is caused by family and friends, obviously the balance 8%  and 2% is caused by bad communication( or lack of communication and immaturity) and unknown circumstances respectively.

There are various senario associated with divorce:

1: The couple may both be without children:

There are cases where the couple may have their own children together, or if they are couple in their second marriage, they might have children from their previous marriages

2: The couple may have children:

3: The couples may have other bonds:

4: They never loved each other

5: They assumed they understood each other

6:They discovered they both loved someone else

7:One of the parties is cheating

8:Family Issues

9: Sexual impotency

10: Interest

 In each of the cases above, both parties, families, friends, children and property suffer the consequence of divorce. It’s not better with one party(men) that for the (women) and vise versa.

Apart from this the psychological trauma of loss, starting all over, being stigmatised, and ofcourse there are other financial and documentation challenges attached to it. Therefore divorce can be a good or a bad business venture, most times, it comes with pain, anguish and traumas.

To some it is a good decision and for others, it is not. Whichever choice you make, is entirely up to you, but we can guide you before and after your decisions, i must admit, this is entirely up to you anyway.Some people see it as the easiest exit out of a troubled marriage. ‘Therefore trying to salvage your marriage is a waste of energy and time’.






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