Divorced & Divorcee

Marriages are breaking up daily for many reasons, some of those reasons are silly or senseless while others are legitimate reasons.

Some of the few reasons can be one of the following:

  • Lack of understanding from both couples
  • Wrong or false foundation
  • External and family factors
  • Inability for both parties to manage their crises well
  • Excuses
  • finances, and related circumstances
  • Lack of trust
  • Physical Abuse, emotional, mental, verbal, psychological, etc

The list is endless, and varies from one person to another.

As long as the world continues; there will always be divorce as long as people refuse to learn or change their ways of life. You can not expect to get a different reasult if you do things the way you had been doing it before ( and it yielded zero result!)

Most women i had spoken to, who divorced their husbands for one reason or the order, had told me some bitter truth, i believe i should share with you. This will help you alot.

Most of then ended up remarrying the same kind of men they divorced, some of them, may have a bit of variance, but however, in general they found out that the difference between the first and the second man isn’t much.

But because the lady is now in her second or third marraige, she is more cautious, careful, ‘more matured’, more enduring, more submissive, ready to give more to make the marriage work. Yet the second man isnt simply an angel. Very soon the lady would confirm that she’s still moving in same circle.

I have noticed that life is like a pattern. 

61% of the ladies i spoke to in the past one year confessed; that; the maturity that they combine with good character in their second marriage, had they used half of this virtue in their first marriage, they would have kept their home.

Either you marry white or black, educated or uneducated, religious or atheist, men are the same. They are all babies, ergocentric idiots.(I am one of them!)

I know there are some crazy situations, that cannot be rescued physically or otherwise, for example, a relationship that is ‘dangerous to the lives’ of both parties involved. In such cases, or in situation where communication is not possible at all, then i can reluctantly accept separation/divorce might be away out. But not for any flimsy reasons that we witness today.

Please do not misunderstand me; i do not commonise the enomity of your challenges, i will rather celebrate your strength and ability.

But i found out that generations before us, went through more difficult experiences, but whatever they did, our parents managed their marriage, not only to save their names or faces, but sacrificed for their children. Today i am sure i dont need to spend much time to show you the difference between the value systems and morale of the our parents generation and this.

The men of those generations abused our mothers emotional, mentally, psychologically, physically, etc. Let’s agree that it was because they were not as knowledgable as this present generation, but you can’t possibly prove that the men of this generation are better than men of those generation. Or rather, that marriage is holding up today than those days.

We need to find our what string is missing and fix, i know this may sound like we are chasing shadows, but this is working already. We wish to help you, not every body. We can only help you if you are willing. 

Advice for the remarried:



What you should not do you your man:



What you should watch out for quickly:



What you should never do to yourself:



How to handle children in your new marriage:



(a) If they are only your children


(b) If they are all his children


(c) Your children and His


(d) If both of you are without a child together


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