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Marriage works well if both parties think well, behave & genuinely

I would like to thank you for the excellent service. I will encourage my colleagues, friends and others to visit your very informative web resource. Marriage will work well if both parties contribute their own fair share interms of their sincere commitment to ensure they stay together in unity to fight the challenges that might come with the marriage.

There is no marriage without its own challenges, infact it’s expected! Don’t forget marriage is between two people of opposite sex, different background and upbringing, different personalities and many more. There is no way such a union would not have issues to handle and manage well.

When things go wrong in marriage, each party is always quick to look for someone to blame; just like Adam did to Eve. Each time this repeats itself in marriage it create an ugly end. Couple must at least be able to honestly take full responsibility of their mistakes or at least, accept that they WIN together or LOSE together. This is what has kept my 18 years marriage going- Angela Silver, housewife


Wedding celebration may be so glamorous, however that doesn’t guarantee success in your marriage.

Good day. Yesterday I came across your website, and, to be honest, I was happy to find what I needed. I have been wondering if i had made a mistake marrying the kind of man i married. Sometimes i weep while praying, sometime i almost blame God why He allowed me to go further, at least He could have stopped us before we finally took the last step. I have concluded that marriage was not for me untill i took all the time to study tips on this website. Once again i say a big thank you!

I learnt interestingly that marriage is not for complainers or wingers and actors, but realist, those who are not game players at all or those that can control the game well without hurting each other. There are different kinds of people, hence there are different kings of marriage. Meaning, mine is different from yours, therefore there is no basis for comparison. 

– John Palermo, webmaster



How to avoid or deal with problems in marriages.

Everybody that occupies any serious position at work will agree that the adage that says,’uneasy is the head that carries the crown’ is true. Such people solve many problems daily. Example is a marriage counselor who mediate in many family issues daily but however, he or she has so many issues in their own marriage that they have ignored to settle. Another example is pastors who preach and advice people not to divorce, but they cannot handle their own marriages.

Marriage problems is easier settled when both parties are determined to have a positive result! There is nothing new that can happen that has not  happened  before, therefore both parties must  always be calm and exercise patience while dealing with marital issues, they must see themselves as managers who must handle issues maturely. No matter how much the external forces intervenes, except the internal forces (couples) agrees to work things out its’ just a wasted effort.

Unfortunately in marriages, when one party is unhappy, the second party is also distress at the same time. I am not sure any well meaning person will like to experience this sort of situation, but would rather look for a way out to solve it. 

 Linda Melrow, hair stylist


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