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If there’s anything Women should not forget quickly, it is; ‘looking good at all times’.  Experience has shown that young ladies, single or unmarried are more fashion and hygiene conscious than older or married ladies.

Most women used to dress, make up themselves, nice look, nice perfume, beautiful hair and smart dress before they married their husbands, but today, years after marriage things have changed.

Some ladies said,’ it is because they now have children, their work, domestic work, and many more reasons’, are few of the reasons why they thought there are more important issues than spending precious time on faces, nail, hair, clothes, shoes and bags.

This sounds suspicious in an average man’s ear, the reason are unacceptable and unreasonable. Sometimes you wonder if most ladies have noticed that the reason their husbands or boyfriends steps out and starts running after   other ladies or women outside their relationship/marriage is simply because this ladies have neglected themselves,so the men go after those babes that dresses well, clean and generously appealing, just as you were before( I mean when you guys just met each other).

I am not saying this is the only reason men behave like this(boyish mindedness), of-course there may be other things, but this is crucial. If there’s any time women should look their best, it is after marriage and as we grow older in age. 

If i was a lady/woman, i will study what my spouse/husband fancy in other girls, what trips him, and what he complains about!

Let me explain why this is important. You can actually discover a man’s desire not only by what he tells you, but what he tells you about other people. For men sometimes, it’s easier for us to communicate our needs my talking about other people, either praising them or we condemn them. When we do this, it will take a smart woman to understand this code.

I know some women from personal experience must have must have discovered, that some men complain about some dress codes, or they might say; ‘ they do not like women with long hair’ , but alas, you will soon find them with another woman with all the statistics they have condemned before and you marvel!

When i was younger, i remember how one day my parents and myself had gone out for a dinner, on our way back home, just about one hundred meters to our house, my father saw a young lady, who might have been five years older than me, pass in front of his car, definitely, he would complain about what they girl was wearing.

The girl was wearing a micro mini and a revealing top. My father was so mad with her, i heard him say to my mum,’ do you know this girl’s parents?, my mum answered and said, ‘no, why do you care?’. He answered and told my mum,’ children like this should not be allowed to walk around here, they are not decent, look at her,……..’ 

My mother tried to dissuade him, she brought in another topic, but my father, kept repeating about the girls leg and hip, and the danger of the girl walking around at 7pm in the neighborhood. 

Immediately my father dropped us off at home, he turned his car and told me to quickly tell my mum, he had forgotten something at the restaurant. I would not have believed he actually went in search of the girl he had just condemned before me and my mum.

He had cornered the girl, took her to a nearby bar and bought a drink each for each of them. Some informants rant my mum, but she could not believe it, eventually she brought me along to go and convince ourselves. When my mother found him and asked him, ‘was this not the girl you were angry with and you complained so terribly about what she wore?’, my father said.’ honey that’s why i am here, i actually come to have a word with her !’

I learnt as a young guy, as i grew up and saw the same trend in most of my uncles, friends and colleague, i discovered it’s a pattern that most women are not aware of.

So, you know why you should upgrade or update to dress sense, hygiene, you should keep fit and stay in good health.


I know every woman has the tendency to add weight, increase in stature after marriage compared to when they were single. This weight is not added up because you are depressed or frustrated, not its rather because, you are avoiding to be one.

On a much more serious note, it is good for things to be done in moderation, when we talk about fats, obesity, and so on, this may have a negative impact on the marriage as well as your health too.

I was told that, women add weight after child birth, because they feed alot, in order to keep the new baby, actively breast fed,  while some other women said, it is a sign of unhappiness.

I will like to explain that in which of the circumstances might apply to you, i will like to remind you that there are two issue associated with fitness; Health and your marriage. Both of these is important, your health and your marriage. I cannot even prefer one above the second, since they are both dependent on each other.



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