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               Men’s Training Manual:

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This book is been specially designed to serve as a guide to producing a stable Relationships.

Marriage and positive Parenting.  Even man must read this. This book has transformed many homes

and changed many men’s mindset and attitude towards their marriages, it will change yours too.

It will provide you with secret hint about discovering who you are against what you should be, and we can guarantee this will turn your life completely around for good.






           Women’s Training Manual


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                 Divorce & Divorcees


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Understanding men’s game, makes you a winner





99.8% men love one form of game or the other, particularly football, baskets ball, tennis, chess, and so on. Every male child has the instinct of playing game without been taught. As they mature they play computer, phone game and then it become a way of life for them to see everything as a game.

Their relationship or marriage  might end up becoming part of the game.

If you get upset with him, you have just made yourself the victim or the loser in his ‘ game kingdom’. He must have done it it while growing up to his mum many times, so its not new to it. But this book will put the whistle in your hand and turn you to a The Referee, you will become his own boss in his ‘game kingdom’and make play against himself only. The focus of this book is to make you a winner!









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Men have taken undue advantage of women enough in this world, it’s time women got up and win this battle once and for all.

Many women had suffered for lack of wisdom because they do not know the secret behind the keys to their men’s heart, Some had though food, sex, money, services, submission and all sort will win or change their men, but they soon found out to their utmost disappointment that they had just missed the plot. This book is specially prepared by spiritual inclination to give the readers the divine ways to make your marriages work without much struggle. People who have read this book before can testify to our guarantee on this book that it will produce the right and the best tips that will make your Marriage, Relationship and positive Parenting work like magic!

Divorce, means different things to different people. The reasons behind divorce should not really be questioned giving that the couples involved are manured enough to make right decisions and judgement about their own future. But having said that, statistics have shown that most divorcees end up marrying the same kind of spouse they have just separated from. While they assumed that battle was over, they will discover that sooner or later that they have only just changed their surnames, however they have married a replica of the last spouse.

Many people are in this situation but they are dying in silence and shame! This book is been prepared for you to win! You can not afford to repeat the same pattern every time.

You cannot be wrong always, let this book guide you to win this time around.

It has done same for many of my friends who were in the same situation, so why should yours be difficult!

We can guarantee that this book has got tips to help you win in your new relationship or the old one(s). A trial will convince you

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