Some women are genuinely making mistakes, while others are just ‘fools for love’, it’s quite difficult to specifically categorize what group a lady/woman

belongs to at any particular point in time. However, there are few litmus test result, that could make any wise man, know if you are (1) a genuine novice

or (2)a fool for love , (3)a stubborn, unwilling to learn woman.

There are many women soaking their pillows with tears daily, some of become depressed, frustrated, disillusioned about life. Some women had accused men,

inlaws, money, or the lack of it, education, promotion and the lack of them as their excuses for finding themselves in a bad Relationship or Marriage.  

But no woman had ever….

I believe until the truth is told the situation may continue, but if we face the bull and deal with it, i believe this will go along way in helping women facing

many situations that could have been avoided naturally.

Every woman have the sole responsibility of ensuring that they are dealing with a ‘man’ instead of a ‘boy’. There are many 60 years old males, who

you may ‘assume’ are men because of their age, because they are rich, or educated, handsome, tall, muscular and so on, that doesn’t automatically

qualifies him to be a man. Until a woman, is able to convince herself personally that she  was able to differentiate between a boy or man, she should

not go ahead and marry such a person.  In fairness, i understand that some men are pretenders, so I will deal with that situation also.

Where the ‘men’ become very deceitful, are  there ways on knowing or dealing with such, we shall sort all these out, all in stages.

Every woman should study  the nature and lifestyle of children, making sure you understand it, and you can do a justified comparative analysis

is the recipes for the solution to alot of problem women are facing in relationship or marriage  today.


Boys Character Mens’ character What Women should watch out for
Lie If your man lies deliberately, consistently and continually, if you feel you cannot trust him, don’t wave your instinct, you may be right. You need to think 

Always wanting to have

his way

If your man is always thinking of having his ways, or ‘my ways are always right’ kind of situation. What you say does not make sense to him  This is a statement
Self Centredness If your man is all about himself. He praises himself, cares & love himself, concerns about his own happiness, honors himself alone and sometime worship his ego  Big problem
Not Content with his own If your man is always talking about other families/ladies, comparing you with them, prefers staying with them,appreciating them, loves their ways of dressing, food, etc  This is a statement
Always insecure If you find a man who is not secured about your progress, who is afraid that you might do better than him, who doesn’t acknowledge your potentials publicly.  You better watch
Innocently trusting everybody If your man is comfortable with trusting outsiders more than you, if he feels more secured with other ladies than you  It’s a statement

They are not good

planners, they are short sited

If your man is planing for the family, without bringing you into it, or planing with some people outside your family without carrying you along, or if he cannot discuss with you.  You must wake up 

Always going out, looking

for friends

If your man spends more time with other people more than yourself, if he prefers to spend more time outside outside the house with other people than time spent at home  You know the answer already

They can say sorry or i

love you mum, without meaningit

If your man says ‘sorry’/ ‘i love you’, but his words doesn’t back up with his actions.  You know the answers already

 Women, don’t allow people to fool you anymore, ‘love is is not blind’, love is reality!

Unfortunately, this is just a guide or a template to help you make informed decisions, however the actual decision will have to be from you.

The truth is, until women are able to be genuinely objective and truthful to themselves, they will continue to be messed about by ‘boys pretending to be men’.

Most women are fighting marital war as if they were in the Gaza strip, some came into the marriage with good health but now suffer from high blood

pressure and depression, some came in into the marriage whole, but today physical abuse had changed their configurations.

(When i come to handling Abuse in marriages, you will understand how emotionally, mentally and psychologically damaged some women have found themselves, why?!.

This situation can be handled or managed properly, if we use the ‘right tools’. 



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