There are a couple of pictures and faces you would be seeing on this page. This will be some of the Family mentors youths. 

Children should have the right to express their feelings to their parents or the general public without any prejudice. 


Many thanks to parents for all they have been doing, caring and loving us, supporting us academically and otherwise. We want to use this platform to say another big thank you. We also understand that parent amidst their busy schedule, work demands and need to juggle between domestic responsibility and relationship balance but there are oversights.

Most of our parents think we need money:

This is true, everybody need money to buy clothes, shoes and to keep up with fashion trends, however, buying all the clothes, bags, shoes, perfume still might not fill the void most children have inside of their minds. Most times, the lack of money could create as much problems as having too much money, for children, teenagers, we struggle with this monster called ‘voidness’ in various magnitude depending on so many circumstances, environmental factors, family structures, etc. Also each children have their own unique personalities and coping abilities, hence they handle their challenges in different way according to their abilities and the strength of circumstances they find themselves.

This void in the childrens’ mind, sometimes generates the action, desire and drive in the life or future of this children. For example, a child that grew up with the feeling that he was never loved, and consequently believed there was nothing called love, will definitely find it difficult to give what he never got. The voids could be emotional, psycholigical, financial, social, pier pressure, and many more. There are children that grew up under some funny circumstances such as: growing up as a lone child, or growing up in an abusive home,  or in an environment that creates many unanswerable kinds of questions in the children’s mind.

So the parents buy games, toys, films and so on, just as a substitute for something they vagely realize as a potential problem they though could be arrested with all the substitute tools. That is why we say, another thank you.

Unfortunately, experience have thought most of us that all these ‘substitutes do not feel the void, or fullfil the thirst/ hunger in our hearts. Since parents started giving these substitute tool’, they have got to work harder in order to buy more games,  ore toys and to keep up with changes. This idea looks fantastic to more parents,  but, we get bonded by spending more time to figure out how to use the piece of equipment and finally we spend another time learning the game and we enjoy the game. Before we say Jack Robbinson, the kids start  spending to realise how more lonely they get , as the parents work harder, get busier, go to parties, etc.


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