Our children are faced with multifacet problems in this generation, ranging from parental neglect due to financial challenges plaguing the world and the need for such parents to work harder inorder to get more money, and the societal changes, pair pressure, internet, web related influences and poor moral upbringing.

Moral decadence is the other of the day, parents are losing grip and control, government policy and child right, is weakening ability of the parents to train up their children the same way they were raised up with high moral decency.

The law, the government legal instrument, ‘known as child right’, is a welcome idea i suppose, if only it was able to differentiate between parents abusing their children and correcting or training them. There are other clog in the wheel, such as, ‘bullying’, the context of this definition also did not define an appropriate boundary, between love and hate, or between positive or negative intentions.

This situation has become a constraint on parents in instilling proper discipline or moral value in the life of our children. 


The global recession  has pushed many parents to a breaking point, parents spend more time at work than at home, some spend quality time going to parties or shopping than they spend with the children. Our children have to do home work by themselves or with home work club, some children have to grow up by themselves, they have to use their discretion, or depend on web/internet and social media for public training.

This create a void in the children’s mind. They are in the house but missing parental support, because they parents leave early and come back late, each day, the children only see their parents or speak to them for just two or three hours. So no way for bonding. 

I know it is easy for many of us to discover why it looks like our children are going out of control. Children now go to school with ammunition, some are hooked on drugs, children killing their teachers, divers juvenile cases and corresponding poor interest in academics. They will rather spend quality time on mobile phone, games and music than spend time on academic progress.


Children are all different, in character, behaviour, abilities and so on. Therefore each parents approach can not be the same. The methodology must correspond to the child’s personal needs or requirements. Some extreme cases, which is  on the increase, need  firmer methods than just the ordinary, hence the government’s legal instrument has incapacitated the parents from using some of the methods, that has proven to have produced a generation with a much more stable moral value. Less problems for the police, killing and drug was forbidden, public sex show was only imagined, communities had a closer relationship and most of the things that we thought were fictions are now reality.

I regret sincerely (not apologetic), for some parents that went above board, terribly abused their children, and other types of messes, i admit that there is no excuse whatsoever, that should be tenable for such madness. 

However, we can not stop drinking water in a country because a school got poisoned with water, rather, we should clean up our water, and put proper healthy check procedures in place. I believe this is what should have applied to the children’s Act.

 Every responsible parent on the planet has struggled with getting a child to  do what they think is best for them?, the difficulty is the fact of making the child understand that the decision is in their own interest. If you are lucky enough, the child accept without any opposition, then fine, but if not,  and it can be an excruciating experience. How do you get your children to obey advice or instruction that will help his/her future without losing your mind?

That’s the challenge, and God’s Word has much to say about how we as parents can meet that challenge. It shows us how to provide the kind of discipline that helps our children fulfill their responsi­bility. If the most important thing for our children to learn is to obey, what do we do when they won’t?. Some parents understand how to use the power of love to make their children listen or obey them, while other may have to negotiate, but majority of the parent/children relationship will be different from the first two mentioned classes. Some children need to be smacked responsibly and reasonably too.


For you to impact proper discipline on your children they must see it in you. There’s a saying,’ you cannot give what you do not have’. Some parents were not well trained, so they can never have the skills to train their own children.

While some other parents were over trained and they forget to understand how to balance the fact that time has changed, this is a different generation. In the parent’s generation, they were trained differently, there were no internet, web influences, social media and game world.

 I believe any parent who knows how to combine discipline and love, without compromise will see their children doing well in this end times. 

It is high time parents rose up to their God’s giving responsibilities.

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