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This book will give you a full diagnosis of men’s behavior, through this book you will have a clearer understanding about why you man does somethings which you cannot understand why.
The key feature and interest in this book is the fact that it unvail many things that men hide from their wives, many things that they would hate to let their girl friends or wife know about them. 
Once you know these!, then, ‘ the game is over’!.
Our desire is; that you can use this book as a manual to change you Relationship or Marriage. If you are divorced this book you must not miss!

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This is the second part of the ‘Hidden Secretes of men’. This book like the first part, discusses how women should handle problems attached to Relationship & marriages.
In this book we look at various scenerio and methods of solving the.
In every marriage, there is bound to be challenged and issues, however your ability to handle this problems in the most matured available way.
The best of couples will have their moments too, but they manner they handle Relationship, Marriage and Parenting might differ, hence results are different. 
I recommend this book, if you really and sincerely want to have  a blessed marriage/ Relationship.

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We have carefully put together some video clips that will help you to manage abusive situation, marital pressures, and general problems before it escalates.
The Family Life Mentors believe that if we can get Relationship and Marriages right, then we can build a more stable society, a healthier church, a better work atmosphere and loving people all around us.
This DVD, will  go along way to show you practical approach to making ‘ genuine love, create the difference’.  
I recommend this material for men, women and youths above 18 years as as Relationship and Marital guide.
‘Boys will no more deceive you as men’

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