Healthy Relationship

How we relate with one another is what the concept of relationship is all about. The first key factor to remember is that; the person you are relating to is not the same person like you. Second factor is to also appreciate that the person can never be like you no matter how much you try and wish.

The relationship we are focusing on today, is the relationship between male and female, who are in an emotional connection. In such a relationship, it’s an opportunity to study each other with the view of understanding both negative and positive character of your spouse. Instead of concentrating on all the good news that men like to let you know about. You must spend more time to discover those things he refuses to let you know willingly, wisely treating them as a project. In relationship, you must see it as a smaller school where you learn so many things you dad or brothers did not tell you about men’s characters, once you miss this curriculum, you may have to repeat it in the bigger school (marriage).

Whatever experience or knowledge you acquire will help you as you progress into marriage.

A Healthy relationship is a simple as understanding each other’s strength and weakness, or each other’s success and failure, without any concern. In such a relationship, your partner does not see your weakness as a problem, instead, he sees it as ‘ a work in process’. Sometimes, he might even see it as a ‘task’ or project that challenges his support and patience until your changes comes. This does not necessarily have to be wealthy partners, educated or intelligent, they could be anybody ( nobody), as long as they are genuine, sincere and truthful to each other’s interest.

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