It’s easy for a man to ‘love’ many women: why?!

The reason why it’s easy for a man to love many women at the same time, is that their perception or understanding about love is vague, they are not as deep/intense like the way women define love. When a man tells you,’i love you’, as far as he’s concern, he has only told you  really what he thought you want to hear at a point in-time, not necessarily because he meant it. Women should really examine their men to see if they’re both on the same page, by watching if his words/promises are convincingly true, backed up with actions. Nobody can help you do this, except yourself!.

Sweet words are cheap, its the following through to do it that is more important. Women, you must have notice from direct or indirect experience that all men say sweet words when they are asking for your hands in marriage, then after the marriage, you remind him of all his promises and then he pretends he never heard you. If you are observant, you must have notices that your men say 20 things and only do one,some of them treat you as angels before wedding, but become monster afterwards. 

You must have noticed from direct and indirect experience that, it doesn’t matter colour or race, age, professionalism or level of education, men are men( i am not talking about transsexual anyway).

We shall be examining the mind and the mindset of men that makes them behave in a peculiar manner toward women, we also want to find out why men do not take the greatest word, ‘love’, serious enough. We will find out why they can share what they call love so easily, but they cannot share their money like that. 

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